Crispy Chicken and Fresh Lettuce

Crispy Chicken, Fresh Lettuce, Three Cheeses.

Hold up. 

So the internet (read: digital streets) were set abuzz this past week when Mary J Blige was singing about  chicken in the new Burger King ad. Burger King reacted. Pulled the ad. Got Mary on her heels too. 

I heard so many different stories before I actually saw the ad. I heard she was singing with a piece of fried chicken in her mouth. Luckily that wasn’t the case. 

I have mixed feelings about it. 

On one hand I’m like c’mon Mary. Chicken. Really? What’s the 411? (pun intended) 

On the other hand, I’m thinking how is this any different from the black lady on Popeye’s commercial talking about chicken (who annoys me) or rappers rhyming about 40’s/liquor (they annoy me too) or those commercials that come on during the billion judge shows or reality shows that talk about these career training “colleges” and the only people in the commercial are blacks/latinos.

“Hi I’m a single mom and I was sitting at home doing nothing until I saw this commercial for  the BAC* school and now I’m a medical biller blah blah blah”

Guess what, those annoy me even more!

Oh oh and I KNOW you remember the McDonalds commercial where the dude was singing about his girl creeping in the night for some damn McNuggets. What he say? “Why can’t you share with me?” Dude was crooning…

Oh oh Jackson Hewitt had us dancing cause we got a tax refund……

The point is black people have been singing and dancing in commercials for years (ask Tyrese) and a large part of it is target marketing. You create a message to a target demographic in hopes that they see, they like, they buy. The marketing campaign is either successful or it fails miserably. 

The company cares about it’s bottom line. The celebrity in the commercial should care about their reputation (so should the company). Ultimately it’s the consumer though who has the most power. Don’t like the commercial or the product, don’t buy it.  Watch how things change.