Be Yourself

Don’t allow yourself to have the mindset of the world – Creflo Dollar

I typed out a whole blog post previously and when I went to save it, it disappeared. I see I have to treat WordPress like Microsoft Word now and save my posts every 5 minutes just cause.

Anyway, before my old post so graciously disappeared, I was typing about a friend and I were discussing how people either lose or don’t have an identity. It started out specifically targeting the younger generation but then we realized it’s more than that. It seems that we get so caught up with imagery through social media, internet, tv, radio that we lose ourselves and who we really are.

We lose a concept of reality. The real reality. Not the fake one you see on these tv shows like Basketball (not one of them is a) Wives (I know my grammar was wrong). Tell me you don’t know people who want to be like that. I’ve met more “generation y” people who want to do reality/entertainment, who want to be a Kim (someone leaked my tape) Kardashian. Hell there are generation x’ers and baby boomers that just seemed “lost”. Seemed like they somehow got caught up and don’t want to admit it.

I get caught up too. I drift and usually it’s when there’s an issue I’m dealing with that I don’t feel like facing or there’s something on the horizon. But eventually, I know, I have to come back down to earth – so to speak – and deal with it.

Stop frontin’ for people. Stop trying to be in the “in” crowd. Stop trying to satisfy other people’s perceptions and conform to other people’s standards and just do you.