Random Babbles

Those download counters are NEVER right. They tell you 20 minutes and in reality, it’s like 45 minutes. If I’m staring at the bar, it creeps. If I leave and come back, I swear the thing hasn’t moved.

All that scheming I did for the iPhone 5 and I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I have an offer sitting in my inbox for more than what I paid for my iPhone 4S – yet me no budge.

I’ve never seen a long line for the iPhones in any black neighborhoods……

Then again, there’s no Apple stores in black neighborhoods anyway.

Hey, do peoples still use whiteout?

How about erasable ink pens? Do they make those? Remember those? Am I dating myself?…Probably.

30 is the new 20. 40 is the new 30. Does that repeat itself? Do people say 70 is the new 60?  Is death the new birth?When does it end?

So I’m watching this show and this dude apparently has 18 kids. Yo…like…..I don’t….like…..son….damn……

Tamar Braxton gets on my nerves………when wifey turns it on, I roll out. Can’t deal.

That’s actually what I do for most reality shows although I can stomach the T.I joint (unless Tiny talks a lot – then it’s a wrap)

Politics……oh Willard. I’m just not ready to go there just yet. But next month, IT’S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Too Much?

A friend of mine has been going off lately about men and hygiene. During one of her rants, she expressed her displeasure in men getting pedicures, manicures, massages and facials. Her claim is something along the lines of those services being for women, so men don’t need soft hands, feet, etc.
Her other claim is the overarching “these aren’t manly” types of services.

Full disclosure here: I’ve had them all. A manicure, pedicure, massage and facial. Usually when wifey and I go on vacation, we hit a spa, get massages and sip fruity drinks on the beach. It’s how we roll. In fact, I credit one of those vacation spa trips with giving me skin care tips. While I don’t get manicures and pedicures regularly, I get them. My reason – well for pedicures, I don’t want to have claws scratching wifey during grown up activities. For manicures, again, not regular but I have and do. What’s funny about manicures is that an older lady put me on to them. She was a partner in the consulting company I had just started working with and she was my transition mentor. I came from a company where I didn’t have to dress up to a spot where I was suit and tie or high business casual everyday. So she schooled me (along with ma dukes and other mentors) on corporate appearance and since I was a habitual nail biter, she recommended manicures.

So that’s my disclosure. It’s funny though, when I go, sometimes I go to the local spot wifey goes to and I’ll occasionally catch looks from women like “why the f-ck are you here?”. I found a spot that just for guys and that’s usually what I’ll opt for if I can.

So what do you think? Crossing the line? Too feminine? Can you tolerate?

Grow Up

Tami issued an apology.

I don’t watch Basketball Wives. I’m just not into it like that but I do catch glimpses of it here and there especially since wifey watches it every now and then. Yesterday the internet and radio was buzzing with talk from Monday night’s episode. So I pulled it up online and decided to see what was up.

That crap was ratchet. Hood. Embarrassing.

I get it. The show allows some people to channel their inner hoodrat behavior. It’s a guilty pleasure (hey I watch Maury – who’s your daddy and I used to occasionally watch Jerry Springer) but has it gone overboard?

Again, I don’t watch it but every time I come into the room when she’s watching it, I feel like I hear the same stuff over and over again. It starts with “I heard blah blah blah” and then someone else says “I don’t like that b**ch”

What is this?

You know the best part about last week’s show? The backlash.

Let’s be real. There would be no apology had the sponsors not pulled out. There would be no apology if people weren’t writing VH1. But when you mess with someone’s money, they feel different. Quick apologize before we lose more sponsors and viewership (which the show has been). Then all of a sudden people defer their behavior to the producers. While I’m sure some of that is true, you have to act a certain way for them to record it right?

You know the most disturbing part about that show? People sitting there watching it. (read:Shaunie)

You know what’s even more disturbing ? The fact that she has a foundation for young girls. The fact that she has daughters.

Grow up.


Challenge Yourself

A few weeks ago, I was on a business trip with a co-worker of mine that I’ve never traveled with before. In fact he doesn’t travel much for the company because it’s not a function of his job. He’s a software developers so you know, it’s rare that he’s customer facing at times. I know how these guys are sometimes. Not of all of them but some of them cringe at the thought of even interacting with a customer. They may even cringe at the thought of interacting with other co-workers! During this trip, we had quite a fair share of interactions and in the beginning, he was a little apprehensive. But he asked me questions, listened to what I said and soon he found his groove. It was fun to watch.

I was talking to him yesterday and somehow we got into exchanging stories about growing up. I found out he used to weigh over 300 lbs (he’s significantly less now). I found out he ran marathons. I found out he is trying to overcome his fear of public speaking . So I asked him how he does/did it. He said he challenges himself.

It wasn’t really the answer I was expecting but honestly, it was an answer I understood. Clearly. We tend to get comfortable. We tend to shy away from the things that require effort, hard work. We want it now not later. We don’t want to be pushed. We have our comfort zone and anything outside of it, well, can stay outside.  We don’t want to start something, run into issues and then feel like we’ve failed.

I immediately did some reflection. For some reason, his story just resonated with me because for one thing, I had no idea and I also just start asking myself the same question.

Do I challenge myself? Am I being challenged? 

I’m not saying I’m lazy. Far from it. But I know for sure that lately I don’t push like I used to. Giving up sweets for Lent was a challenge albeit a small one but it was successful. I want more. So I’m going to take some time to identify areas of my life where I’m too comfortable and make some challenges which will result in changes. I’ll document them on this here blog thingy to hold myself accountable and so that you all can hold me accountable too.

Maybe what I do will inspire some of you to do the same.

Be Yourself

Don’t allow yourself to have the mindset of the world – Creflo Dollar

I typed out a whole blog post previously and when I went to save it, it disappeared. I see I have to treat WordPress like Microsoft Word now and save my posts every 5 minutes just cause.

Anyway, before my old post so graciously disappeared, I was typing about a friend and I were discussing how people either lose or don’t have an identity. It started out specifically targeting the younger generation but then we realized it’s more than that. It seems that we get so caught up with imagery through social media, internet, tv, radio that we lose ourselves and who we really are.

We lose a concept of reality. The real reality. Not the fake one you see on these tv shows like Basketball (not one of them is a) Wives (I know my grammar was wrong). Tell me you don’t know people who want to be like that. I’ve met more “generation y” people who want to do reality/entertainment, who want to be a Kim (someone leaked my tape) Kardashian. Hell there are generation x’ers and baby boomers that just seemed “lost”. Seemed like they somehow got caught up and don’t want to admit it.

I get caught up too. I drift and usually it’s when there’s an issue I’m dealing with that I don’t feel like facing or there’s something on the horizon. But eventually, I know, I have to come back down to earth – so to speak – and deal with it.

Stop frontin’ for people. Stop trying to be in the “in” crowd. Stop trying to satisfy other people’s perceptions and conform to other people’s standards and just do you.


Like a Fiend

I decided to give up sweets for Lent.

Today, marks 2 weeks into this journey.

To be more specific I mean junk food. No cookies, candy, cake and the like. In addition, I’m giving up on sweet tea. Let me tell y’all. Sweet tea is my achilles heel. If I can have it infused into my blood stream, I would have done it a long time ago. Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, Gold Peak, Arizona, now Snapple…..I’m telling you man. I get real crackheadish around it.

Like Pookie…..

“It be calling me man”

Or Gator….

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Sad State of Affairs

Two events this past weekend had me shaking my head.

I read a tweet from a stripper exotic dancer where she was bragging about making more money in one night than kids with college degree. I’m sure she’s right. I’m sure she was rolling in the dirty money but the tweet (and following tweets) were ridiculous.

A party flier promoting an event at a nightclub. On the flier, it said “calling all bad b@tches”. Yup. You read it right “only bad b@tches” allowed.

What is going on?

It seems that on today’s world, people are more concerned with materialism and the quick buck. I’m not knocking anyone and their hustle. I understand we’re in a recession, times are hard, jobs are tough to come by, etc. Some of these “BET” generation folks are just misguided and walking around lost.

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