When You’re Too Old for Childish Stuff

Yesterday, Deion Sanders took to Twitter to tell the world that his wife and her friend attacked him in his house. He even twitpic’ed a picture of him and the boys filling out a police report.


*Le Sigh*

I don’t know what I’m more upset about. The fact that he used social media to tell the world that his wife jacked him up. The fact that he took a picture for proof. The fact that his kids took to twitter to pop off. You know I can reason (a little bit) with the tweet from him and the picture. I’m thinking that if he would have came forward and said it, people might not believe him. So if he’s reporting live, in the moment, on twitter, then it’s a little more believable. Right? Maybe? Am I reaching?

Here’s what I’m most upset about. Deion is like 44,45 years old. Pilar is what? 38?  Doesn’t that make them too grown for this nonsense? Twitter or no twitter. I know love can make people do some crazy things and divorce is not for the weak-hearted. I know people who were so in love one day and the next day, they can’t stand the thought of the other person. Relationships, marriage, divorce are hard enough as is but when you bring external factors (i.e. the Twitter world, other people) things just amplify.

But for dignity sake, for their kids sake, can they just act like grown-ups?


You Phat or Fat?

There was an interesting article in the Washington Post today.

You can read it here.

The title: Black women heavier and happier with their bodies than white women, poll finds

I won’t explain all of the details of the article. It’s a pretty decent read so please check it out yourselves. It basically says exactly what the title suggests – that black women, although heavier, are happier with their bodies than white women. Both women have societal pressures but they’re different. Some white women have this skinny or bust motive while black women will get chastised if they become skin and bones.

Although I’m a dude, I’m sure one of the hardest battles a woman has to endure is acceptance of her body. There’s just so much external pressure. Dudes. Another women. Family. Magazines. TV. Videos. Social Media. You name it. 

But I think the bigger issue is what’s going on in the inside; not how they look on the outside. The bottom line is are you healthy?

What’s your blood pressure? Are you on medication? What’s your cholesterol? Does your family have a history of medical issues? When’s the last time you went to the doctor? What are your glucose levels?

Again, are you healthy?

People automatically make assumptions that skinny is healthy. In some cases, it’s not. People also seemed to get confused between phat and fat. While I’m all for appreciating your curves, I don’t want you getting tired walking down the block or up a flight of steps or you telling me to stop after my first ten pumps when we doing the grown-up (wait…let me think about that).

Seriously though. Love your body. Stand in the mirror and look at yourself. No spanx. No clothes. Nothing. Learn to appreciate what you have and do what you have to do to be healthy.