About Me

Work in progress……….

Well it all started way back in……..eh, I won’t go THAT far back.

The History

I used to blog. Way back when. First it was blogspot, then wordpress, then my own domain. http://www.alwaysfunkyfresh.com – So that’s how Fresh was born. It kept going for a few years and then I got bored. Blogging became more of a chore than fun. To top it off, people started acting like idiots. They were “Fresh” before I was. They wanted the domain name. Blah blah blah. It really wasn’t THAT serious to me. So I let it all go.

Somehow though, things will draw you back and as I kept reading posts from my fellow bloggers, I began to get that itch again. I joined Tumblr but I couldn’t really post words like I’m doing here.

How did you come up with the name ManGetRight?

In doing some soul searching, I’ve noticed that the past year or so has been “out of character”. I’ve been “comfortable”. I’ve settled. I’ll admit that I even got a little lazy. So I came up with the name. It’s was like me talking to myself “Man you better get right?”. It’s to serve as a reminder to me to get going. Don’t slack. Live life.

So what will the blog be about?

Me. Honestly, I really don’t know so for now, no topic is off limits. Life, women, fitness, finance, fashion are all possibilities. Some say that’s a lifestyle blog. Eh, not quite sure I want to call it that just yet.

Stay tuned (more to come)

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