Catch a Hint. Feel a Vibe.

The one thing I think I’ve always been good at is catching a hint and going with my gut when I feel a vibe. You remember how you met a male/female and gave them your number and something about them turned you off and instead of saying "look you’re wack you’ll never get with me", you just try to be nice and not return their call or answer the phone or respond to a text? (damn that’s a long run on sentence).

But it never worked because they were persistent until one day you had to just say "lose my number" or something to that effect.

Eventually they disappeared but then every now and then, they would pop up (on holidays) just to make sure you’re sure you want nothing to do with them.

Everyone has done it. Yup. Me too. (removes halo).

But I can honestly say, I’ve never been the thirsty dude on the other side of the equation. I remember pursuing a young lady once. We exchanged numbers. I called her once. She said she’d call me back. Never did. I called her again. Voicemail. I called her one more time. Nothing. I let it go. I have a pretty strict 3 contact rule. I’ll hit you up 3 times. If I don’t get nothing in return, I’m done. Peace. Deuces. Out. Holla if you wanna chat.

You should know when people are interested in you. You can feel the vibe. They answer the phone and even if they’re busy, they’ll talk for a hot second. Despite what people think, you can feel a vibe through words, email and text. If the email is short and there’s no follow-up, you’re damn near close to being considered spam and they probably have a filter on it sending you to the trash.

So why am I talking about this?

Well, someone regularly hits me up for advice and convo. I regularly check in with them but lately I’ve noticed that I’m the initiator and the only time they initiate is when they want something (which has happened more lately than before). Said person is looking for a new job and as a friend I’m helping, so when I call said person with a lead, I can’t get a hold of them. Left a message. Sent a text. Tried this twice. Heard nothing. Crickets. Hmmm. Said person called and needed some help with their kids. I help. A few weeks later, I call said person to ask if they can return the favor. Crickets. Said person calls for dating/relationship advice. I give. Yesterday I call and text said person because I really needed help with something. Said person is no where to be found and hits me up this morning talking about, I missed your call and text.

Strike 3. Shame on me.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I did the finger swipe on their contact info. As soon as that red button appeared, I touch it and hit OK.