Random Babbles

Those download counters are NEVER right. They tell you 20 minutes and in reality, it’s like 45 minutes. If I’m staring at the bar, it creeps. If I leave and come back, I swear the thing hasn’t moved.

All that scheming I did for the iPhone 5 and I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I have an offer sitting in my inbox for more than what I paid for my iPhone 4S – yet me no budge.

I’ve never seen a long line for the iPhones in any black neighborhoods……

Then again, there’s no Apple stores in black neighborhoods anyway.

Hey, do peoples still use whiteout?

How about erasable ink pens? Do they make those? Remember those? Am I dating myself?…Probably.

30 is the new 20. 40 is the new 30. Does that repeat itself? Do people say 70 is the new 60?  Is death the new birth?When does it end?

So I’m watching this show and this dude apparently has 18 kids. Yo…like…..I don’t….like…..son….damn……

Tamar Braxton gets on my nerves………when wifey turns it on, I roll out. Can’t deal.

That’s actually what I do for most reality shows although I can stomach the T.I joint (unless Tiny talks a lot – then it’s a wrap)

Politics……oh Willard. I’m just not ready to go there just yet. But next month, IT’S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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