Me: I wonder if there’s a way I can cop that new iPhone.

Her: Why? (with confused and that “you’ve got to be kidding me look*). You just got one in December

Me: Well it’s not the iPhone 5.

Her: But your phone isn’t even a year old.

Me: If I can just figure out a way to break even, I’m good. But at the worse case, if I act quick, I’ll have to pay less than the retail.

Her: You’d go through all of that for a phone. Are you serious? You can’t be serious.

Me: Hey, remember last year, we were in the mall and you bought those boots to wear to [insert friends name] birthday party and then we get to Nordstroms and you see another pair and you buy those too. How much did that cost?

Her: *silence*

Me: And then…remember that time you bought the Michael Kors purse and then you went back and got the other one….ummm….ummm…what’s called again…..the umm….

(now I know the name, I’m doing this on purpose)

Her: It was a damn Dooney & Burke….arggghh…..go get your iPhone!

I laid back on the couch, put my feet up, drank my sweet tea and thought to myself…..Touche….

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