Meant to Be

*taps mic*

Is this thing on?

I thought this blog was gone. In fact, I know it was gone. I remember hitting delete and saying ‘yes’ when the “are you sure?” question came up. I was sure. Delete. Gone.

So here I am going along thinking that there is no more blog and then this past weekend, I get the urge to write a post. Ugh. Gotta start a new blog again right? I hold off and begin to catch up on the blog world. It’s been a long time. Too long. I’ve read about everyone’s highs (been there) and lows (been there too) and when I went to comment one of my favorite blogs, it takes my login – recognizes it – and post it with no problem. Hmmm?

So I decide to click on another link and bam! My blog. Still here. Chillin’. Up in the cut. Layin’ low.

Then I started questioning myself. You know how sometimes you leave the house and your brain starts messing with you? Did you leave the lights on? Did you turn the stove off? Is the garage door up? Yup. Exactly.  Did I really hit delete? Did I ever get a confirmation email? Was a brotha dreaming?

Maybe it’s just meant to be. Hmm…..

I was an engineer major in college so naturally I’m a math and science guy which means my brain thinks there’s always an answer to a problem. Always an answer to a situation. And sometimes when I get the answer,  I want to know how people got there. Now. Immediately. It has to make sense.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had to re-learn that while there is probably a reason something happened or an answer to my question, I may not get it immediately. It may be years before I know and I can’t change that. I have to accept, let go and keep it moving.

Maybe it’s just meant to be.