Do the Crime…

How’s that saying go again?

Do the crime, pay the time? Do the crime, do the time?

On June 1st, Floyd Mayweather Jr reported to jail to serve time for a domestic violence charge. He is supposed to serve 90 days (well 87 to be exact – he got a 3 day credit) for the charge. He allegedly beat the mother of two of his kids while the kids were watching (and allegedly he threatened them too)For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s a boxer (and a pretty good one I’ll admit and is a savvy business man but will also not hesitate to flaunt his wealth either).

So this past week, his lawyer files a judgement to have Mr. Mayweather either removed from jail and placed on house arrest in a “an apartment less luxurious” than his house or move into jail with the general population. But if they move him to general population, they’re afraid he won’t be safe.

There’s also claims, form his lawyer and doctor, that his health has been seriously deteriorating because he “chooses” to not drink the water (he doesn’t do tap water), and he’s only consuming 800 calories per day (when he’s used to 3,000-4,000 per day) because he “chooses” not to eat all the food.

When this story first broke, there were so many stories and people on the internet defending him. “She set him up”, “he’s not being treated like a human” ….

What am I missing? Am I missing something?

I don’t feel sorry for the dude. Not one bit. This isn’t his first domestic violence charge. He had one in 2002 and one in 2004 and served no jail time in either case. Now, he gets time – gets it postponed (so he can fight) and then goes in and 10 days later, he can’t take it anymore. Why do people demoralize a domestic violence charge as it’s no big deal? If he was man enough to do whatever he did to her (rumors vary on what happened), then he should be man enough to do the time. Right?

1 thought on “Do the Crime…

  1. I read that shyt and was like “aruuuuu?” I do not feel sorry for his azz at all. The moment he thought it was ok to put his hands on a woman(no matter what she did or said) my sorry went out the door. And to display that type of behavior in front of children. No words. He’s choosing NOT to eat. He wants bottled water instead of tap. Well, dude you should not have committed a crime! The moment you go to jail you lose your rights! He CHOSE to act like a beyatch and hit a woman than be a man and do the time. I could care less if he wittles down to 110 pounds…oh well!

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