It’s More Than Money

Did anyone see this last week?

T.O and Dr. Phil? I know it’s old news.

The first time I watched it, I didn’t really pay any “real” attention to it. I mean, technically I was “working” so I couldn’t really concentrate. The second time, I watched and listened.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings but what it boils down to, on both sides is, it’s more than just money. Whether it was a tv thing or not, both sides brought up the payment of child support. The payment.


I hate  don’t like when people equate parenthood to money.  I realized that financial support is needed but it’s more than that. When my mom and dad got divorced, I just remember my mom literally laughing at what the court decided would be my child support check. But she didn’t trip. All she wanted was for him to spend time with me. Show me things that a man should teach his son and all the rest of that stuff. Not just send a check (or in my dad’s case have it deducted monthly). Pick up the phone. Call. Write. Communicate.

I think that’s what the gist of what T.O’s kid’s mothers were trying to say but there were times during the show when I felt that they were about the money. Like why does he have to pay for your flight for you to bring your child to see him? Why can’t you pay for it with the $20K a month you were getting? And even with his pay well documented, how come they denied him seeing his child when he reduced the payment? (from 20K to 15K) …..these things make me wonder. If I was him (or Diddy or anyone paying that much in child support), I’d ask for an itemized record of what exactly that money is used for.

But you know what would make everything easier? How about you just use protection? $10 is a lot cheaper than $20,000.


2 thoughts on “It’s More Than Money

  1. I’m gonna need you to put this on a t-shirt, “$10 is a lot cheaper than $20,000” and sell it to all the pro ballers out there. You could get Cromartie as one of your spokesmen.

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