Da Babbles

How does taking a picture of your ass in a thong make you a model? What exactly are you modeling? Thongs? Booty implants maybe? How about butt hair removal products?

When did video vixen become an actual career?

People who have music on their web page….I dunno man. I’m not talking about a music player where there’s a selection of songs and I can pick. I’m talking about music playing as soon as you go to the page. I get that…music on the answering machine feel. That was cool in the 90’s but now……hang up.

How many of you called someone’s phone when you knew they wouldn’t answer and played a song? Don’t front. (he/she had you OPEN). I did it. Especially when I fugged up. I was playing Jodeci Stay. “whooooooo-yeah” (K-ci voice)

You know what’s dumb? Twitter beef. But wait….wait….hold up. Social media and reality shows are putting people on a pedestal that shouldn’t be near one. To me, Denzel is a celebrity. You’re not a celebrity if you boned an athlete. No, to me, you’re just a  jump off or as one athlete put it “a post game workout”. That’s it. So when you start popping off on line or on a show, you really make yourself look silly.

Speaking of real celebrities though — Kerry Washington, Scandal, every Thursday on my tv screen = orgasmic. Yeah I said it, orgasmic. I’m talking out of breath, curl up, don’t touch me, bring me some cherry Kool-aid orgasmic.

Everytime I see Rick Ross, I start doing pushups. Man boobs = no bueno.

I waited until 10:59pm to finish my taxes. I wanted to hold on to my money until the last minute. Damn Uncle Sam.

I’m babbling. I’m out. Be back tomorrow.


1 thought on “Da Babbles

  1. Everyone gets the babble…we only care if its funny! And it was..

    This is my problem with “reality” tv. Guess what, if none of those women married the basketball player they can’t bebasketball wives, right? If the girls on the bad girls club, start crying when someone says something mean, I wouldn’t consider you a “bad” girl..

    Everytime I see Rick Ross, I think “wow he stole someone’s identity”..haha but his facial hair is crazy full and thick.

    I miss the 90’s I really do! The music, the vibe, the opportunity…

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