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Random thoughts:

When does Lent end? Some say April 7th. Google says April 5th. Either way, at most, I have 11 more days left in more “no sweets” journey. To think I haven’t had any junk food in weeks. I did have a sweet tea though. I was traveling for work. My co-worker got it for me as we had a long drive and there were no places to stop. I got thirsty and well. I drank it. But that’s the only one. I know one thing, whatever day it ends, I will have Georgetown Cupcakes and Sweet Tea on deck!

Occasionally I’ll look at a fashion blogs just to see what the ladies and gents are wearing. One day though it hit me. I was thinking “who takes all of these damn pictures?!?!?!?” So I put the question out on twitter and got responses like “they have a tripod”, “their best friend”, “their man/boyfriend/husband”….SCCCREEEEEEEECH. Their wha? You mean you want me to take 5 photos of what you’re wearing everyday? Tell’em Clay…(NSFW)

The other thing with fashion blogs is that some of them aren’t really fashionable. They just throw stuff together and say thats hot. Its not. Sometimes I’ll look at an outfit and say “WTF was she thinkin?” or “She wore that to work?” Tell me I’m not the only one.

Speaking of work, when are we gonna learn? Why do people tweet, post a status on FB about their dislike for work or their boss? If you’re going to do that, make sure your page is private, unless you want to get fired.

Speaking of social media, stop believing everything you read. Make sure it’s true. You know how many people have “accidently” died on Twitter?

My new neighbors – well – they’ve been pretty excited about the warm weather. Like after 11pm sitting on their front porch blasting music excited. Like having a rack of dudes on the front porch drinking beers excited. BTW, this is during the week! Like having friends pull up and scream their name instead of ringing the door bell excited. I think Sixty’s neighbors moved down here.

Peace and love.

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