Sad State of Affairs

Two events this past weekend had me shaking my head.

I read a tweet from a stripper exotic dancer where she was bragging about making more money in one night than kids with college degree. I’m sure she’s right. I’m sure she was rolling in the dirty money but the tweet (and following tweets) were ridiculous.

A party flier promoting an event at a nightclub. On the flier, it said “calling all bad b@tches”. Yup. You read it right “only bad b@tches” allowed.

What is going on?

It seems that on today’s world, people are more concerned with materialism and the quick buck. I’m not knocking anyone and their hustle. I understand we’re in a recession, times are hard, jobs are tough to come by, etc. Some of these “BET” generation folks are just misguided and walking around lost.

With social media the way it is, with videos, the music, the imagery, the messages being sent to Generation Y, has me asking why? ( I’m a generation x’er by the way)

What’s the dancer going to do when her breasts are sagging and her butt shots wear off and deflates? What happens when the strip club closes or if you get hurt like her Stripper seriously injured

What are you going to do when you’re 50 years old with no degree and no high school diploma? “Welcome to Wal-mart?”

Why are you flossing that Louis Vutton calling yourself a bad b@tch when you live at home, don’t pay rent, drive a beat up car and have credit issues ( I’m sure that applies to someone). You’re a bad b@tch cause you’re beefing on Twitter behind a keyboard? Yeah ooh you’re tough.

The women I know? Would not step foot in a club calling for bad b@tches? In fact, they’d boycott it or call the club owner and voice their concerns. The women I know are established and understand that it took sacrifice to get to where they are. If exotic dancing was apart of a plan, so be it. It wasn’t the end all, be all. As cliche as it sounds, I know a woman who danced to pay for college, now she’s in corporate america doing her thing.

I’m raising a daughter, a young lady and like Chris Rock said, it’s my job to keep her off the pole! He’s right. It’s a part of my job to make sure she’s knows her worth. To make sure she loves herself and values her life. It’s about self-love and self-respect and not accepting what a rap video labels her as and knowing the difference who she is and whats on tv. It’s about understanding that the most dangerous woman is educated, attractive and confident and knows her self worth and won’t let anyone take that away from her. It’s about looking up to Michelle Obama, not peaches da pole worker. It’s about initially creating and allowing her to see both positive and negative images so when she’s on her own, she can distinguish between the two.

We gotta do better.

1 thought on “Sad State of Affairs

  1. I was born three months after Generation X officially ended, but I refuse to be lumped in with Gen Y…call me Gen X 2.0 or whatever. Anyway, I agree with what you’re saying 100%. I think part of the problem is people can’t see past today. When everything is available instantateously, trying to build a future doesn’t make sense. When you look at it, most of us went to school, etc etc in order to pay for our houses and cars and gadgets but doing that seems silly now when you can go to the mall and get a phone and ipad when you’re 15 (with your mama’s money). Some parents spoil the hell out of their children with stuff because they can’t spoil them with time. That leads to stuff = affection and you know where it goes from there.

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