I Kinda Miss the Gym

Miss like I want to go.

So for the past few weeks (and 2-3 months) off and on, I’ve been doing the P90x/Insanity hybrid. More recently, since my knee and back issues have healed, I’ve been going back at it hardcore. For those of you who don’t know, the P90x and Insanity programs are home based workouts. I go downstairs, pop in the DVDs and go for it.

Coinciding with the workout program is the fact that my latest project at work has me working from home majority of the time. (Now I’m definitely not complaining about that).

The problem is I don’t leave the house!

I’m like a hermit man. I get up, go downstairs workout, go back upstairs shower, then do work. Rinse and repeat.

I miss the buff dude lifting weights grunting like he’s about to bust a nut.

I miss the fly girl on the treadmill, booty jiggling.

I miss the other fly girl on the elliptical going reeeeaaall sloooooooow while she’s talking on her cell phone (and who looks like she’s going straight clubbin’ after leaving)

I miss the eye candy.

I miss the dude that went up to everyone giving them instructions on how to do an exercise like he made every piece of equipment.

Yeah I miss all of those characters but I’ll tell you two things I don’t miss. Waiting for a machine/treadmill and the monthly payments. Now that I think about it. I’m good – at least until I finish these programs.

Maybe I’ll workout one day and do a drive by just cause.


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