Sound Off: Cain Style

I might ruffle some feathers here. Let me apologize in advance.

I’m disappointed in this guy. Not because he couldn’t answer a foreign policy questions legitimately. Not because he based the Prez on a number of occasions. Not because he’s a Republican.

I’m disappointed that he let these “character assassinations” run him out of town.  Don’t get me wrong, any type of harassment is uncalled for and unacceptable and when I heard the sexual harassment accusations, I figured he would bow out at that time. But he kept pressing on.

He should’ve known more was coming. He was in the lead. The lead? A brother from out of nowhere in the lead? Did you really think that was going to last long?

Then Ginger came along and I don’t know man. When I heard that interview with her, I felt some kind of way. Almost like “so what?” “Who cares?” It’s an affair. He’s a potential politician. What else is new? Do I need to run down the list of politicians who have had affairs?!!?!?!?

I wanted Herm to keep pushing on because I wanted him to prove that no matter what they dig up on him, he’s not scared of the establishment. I wanted him to roll out on his own and say “you know maybe I’m not fit to be President”.  I didn’t want Ginger to run him out of town.

But it’s over. Good run Herm.