Attention Whores

Saturday 6pm.

I’m chillaxing. Watching college football on tv. Wondering if I really saw snowflakes falling like crazy outside (yup, I did), checking the calendar, scheming on an iPhone 4S purchase and comparing it to one of those HTC joints all while surfing the innanet.

And then I come across some blasphemy.

There are reports—–I say reports——that Kim Kard-ass-hian and Kris Dum-phries marriage was apparently staged by the television network.

Am I suprised? Eh. Nah especially considering the amounts of money that are involved here. I mean if you split the loot, dude has probably netted close to $10-15 million. Technically he’s jobless cause of the NBA lockout and he’s a free agent. Plus look at all the publicity he’s gotten so far. Not bad.

So am I surprised? Eh.

I mean marriage nowadays is not held in high regard. At least that’s how it seems. People take it for a joke and this was/is a damn publicity stunt?!?!?

But this girl man. Her whole career was predicated on her (inability) to take and suck a stiff one from Ra.y-J. (I saw the tape. Sorry wasn’t impressed) but it launched her into world of A-Listers. Now she fakes the wedding like she was faking orgasms in the “tape”. Fake wedding. Fake O’s. Fake Booty? Maybe. (fugg an x-ray. that was tv!) She wants to be “in the news” that bad that she’s willing to do all of that. Or maybe she’s just competing with her sisters on the low. One has a child. The other is married to a NBA star and she had…… Brandy’s brother. (I’d be pissed too).

I know brothers lust over that. I’m sorry I’m not one. Would I tap it? Hell yeah. Would I wife it? Hell nah. But for $20 mill, I’d give it a thought.  Truth be told, I think Kourtney is better looking than her. IMO.

I read somewhere that her ex-husband and Reggie said that she’ll do anything for fame. I guess it’s true. I guess this is the path some will take to achieve the highest status on the attention whoredom chart.

That’s wack.

I need Sixty to write her another open letter.

1 thought on “Attention Whores

  1. So true..and so sad! What kills me is that she can’t understand WHY anyone would think it was a fake wedding and not take her seriously and/or ask for her show to be removed from TV (I was one of them..seriously I write to the top)..

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